The studio property has been sold and will be a private residence as of April 2017. I am taking a break, but exciting news for the curious:

During the summer months I have made an agreement with "A GOOD YARN" of Sarasota and Expert Weaver Laura Arena - Thank you, Susan and Laura!

I have placed a SAORI loom in the good hands of Laura for those of you, who wish see & experience a SAORI Loom and get a chance to give it a test-drive - with freestyle techniques.

Weaving fee's follow the policies of "A good yarn of Sarasota" and by this agreement, does not indicate that it is a registered SAORI Handweaving Studio.

Please email Laura Arena - ( directly as she is doing the weaving scheduling & FAQ.

"A good yarn of Sarasota" is located on 41 near Siesta Key South: 7418 S Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34231

If you are a SAORI loom owner - located in the Southwest Florida & looking for a community with meetups, please let Laura know. Depending on interest - we may gather beginning the Fall of 2017.

Thank you all very much for your support,

May you Live, Laugh & Create,

Kathleen Keenan - SAORI WEAVER SRQ

Kathleen "SAORI Weaver SRQ"


SAORI Weaver SRQ is Florida's only registered SAORI Handweaving Studio and located in heart of one of Sarasota's Art Districts. Kathleen is the SAORI Instructor. 
The studio offer SAORI Weaving supplies & equipment & Classes.


Kathleen Keenan - Saori Weaver

Curator Annie Dean - Highfield Hall, Falmouth MA.
Curator’s Note:

kathleen keenan weavingKathleen is driven
to make her extraordinary weavings as a way to embrace the 
process of creating and experimenting. Spinning, dying and inter weaving many of her own materials, she also uses paper, metals, organic and imported fibers and yarns to fulfill the artistic challenge she sets before herself. 




Studio owner Kathleen Keenan - weaver with love of very simple & 3D textiles.

I am so pleased and excited to be sharing SAORI in the center for the ARTS, which SARASOTA is. The first studio in Florida, about the 12th Studio in the US.

SAORI Weaver SRQ is a private working studio - sharing is at the HEART of it - where anyone who has an interest in learning SAORI will be able to join me. In the future, community programs will grow from this studio. I always wanted to contribute something, but I never imagined it would be as meaningful as SAORI (Zen Weaving).
My path to a truly rewarding life as an artist and instructor, began with the purchase of a small japanese loom. The loom was purchased in 2005, due to space limitation. I instantly loved the loom! Cleverly designed by Kenzo Jo, son of Misao Jo (founder of SAORI - which truly is a global family venture). Misao Jo had a vision, Kenzo Jo has the imagination to keep inventing and improving both tools and techniques.

My loom became “my partner in spirit”, it never failed - never had any of the usual glitches that I encountered with my regular looms. Eventually I came to love all the SAORI tools as they are tools with a twist, not understood until you actually work with them.
My SAORI story began with - a piece of wooden tool, which continues to bless me with transformation thru the cloth I weave. I would even claim, the loom embodies slight magic for anyone who tries their hand at SAORI. Creating the SAORI way, becomes very improvisational. For musicians*, we understand JAZZ to be free - SAORI is to weaving what jazz is to music. For every cloth I create I gain insight into myself. I grow with every thread, simple as that. It is a transformative journey, not just for me but for thousands of individuals worldwide.
SAORI Story page

SAORI is not a franchise. The title SAORI weaving instructor is given to an individual, based on Merit and a personal recommendation from a Japanese Trained SAORI Instructor. I consider it my black belt in weaving.
My trainer and SAORI-sister is Mihoko Wakabayashi. Mihoko opened the first studio in the US.
For much more SAORI please see her website:
*Nat Needle shared this wonderful analogy with me, as a jazz musician he found SAORI to be similar.